Some fun facts about cornices

Cornice is an Italian word meaning ledge. It has roots in ancient Greek and Roman architecture.

In Classical Greek architecture, you can find cornice in the top of entablature. In that time they were used to demonstrate wealth and power.

Today we are using cornice as a decorative elements, to make our home elegant and luxurious. They are perfect way to make a transition between wall and ceiling modern and appealing.

Cornice come in a variety of size and types, they are easy to install, they can be painted and they can be very useful for hiding imperfections on the wall or ceiling.

4 ideas to use cornices to cover imperfections

Did you know that you can use cornices as a simple solutions for every imperfection in your home? Here are some suggestions.

1.To cover cables
Easy and elegant way to hide cables on the walls.

2.As a curtain profiles
 This can be a perfect solution, if you don’t want to use rails, especially for hotels or working spaces.

3.To hide cracks around doors and windows
This way you will resolve problem with cracks but you will also make you doors or windows look stylish.

4.If you want a ceiling to look higher
When you install cornice as a transition between wall and ceiling, you make your space elegant but also ceiling appear higher.

Did you know that Cornice are so easy to install? 

Well, if you want to make your home elegant and stylish, this is one simple way how to do it.

You don’t need much just a bit creativity, positive attitude and perfect cornices. 

Cornices are very easy to install, you can cut them to the size you need and then install on the wall or ceiling using the acrylic sealants for XPS/EPS materials in interior.

After installing them, you can paint them if you like. Moldings should be painted with water dispersions or acrylic paints.

To see and learn how to do it by your own watch our video